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«Kapriz» is for athletic wins!

Issyk-Kul is a unique lake with saltish water which does not freeze. It is located among the Tien Shan mountains at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level.

The Kapriz Resort Center offers you a sports camp at the middle altitude. Adaptation and acclimatization are smooth here, unlike at other similar bases: the unique Issyk-Kul lake makes trainings more effective. The camp is oriented towards training for contests and holding competitions of different levels.

Kapriz can receive over 500 sportsmen at the same time. It offers modern accommodation and sport facilities that meet the relevant international standards. Coniferous and deciduous walkways at the middle altitude and well-developed infrastructure of the village make Kapriz a perfect place to do sport, train, and simply rest during the recovery period after competitions.

It is a well-known fact that trainings in the mountains, especially at the middle altitude, are very good for sporting results, general well-being, energy and endurance of sportsmen. Today it is the most popular and the only legal way to get an advantage over competitors. Acclimatization and the following adaptation are much easier for sportsmen to tolerate by the Issyk-Kul lake than at other similar places due to the unique altitude of 1607 meters.

The Kapriz Resort Center welcomes sportsmen, coaches, and fans.

At you service:

  • a 25 meter long, 4 lane indoor deck level pool
  • a gym with a comfortable changing room and shower stalls
  • the only (on the shore of the lake) Finnish sauna on the pier
  • outdoor pools for adults and children
  • clay courts
  • a synthetic grass tennis court
  • basketball and beach volleyball courts
  • a year-round volleyball court
  • an artificial turf football field
  • a 400 meter clay stadium
  • a shooting range for modern pentathlon with 20 shields
  • a 4 lane fencing strip
  • a gym
  • archery target boards
  • all the facilities for sailing sport
  • territory for modern pentathlon
  • An apple garden nearby with clay lanes of different lengths for running
  • A modern multifunctional complex is just 2 kilometers away

The climate in Issyk-Kul is special: mild, almost marine. Winter is warm here (-3, -4 °C) and summer is not hot (+22, +30 °C). Issyk-Kul receives about 300 sunny days a year. Water temperature in the lake in summer reaches +23, +25 °C.


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Do you like to give gifts?

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