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We are glad to welcome you to the «Kapriz» resort hotel on the coast of the unique unfrozen Issyk-Kul Lake!

It is located 5 km from the city of Cholpon-Ata, 40 km from Tamchi airport and 282 km from Manas airport (Bishkek). This is a year-round, guarded recreation center, designed for the simultaneous reception of more than 1000 people.

The hotel is ideal not only for families, but also for corporate events and celebrations. The availability of sports infrastructure will allow athletes to organize effective preparation for any competition.

The resort hotel «Kapriz» is an excellent hotel service, the best beach on the coast, a large number of entertainments, an indoor pool and a sports complex, equipped conference rooms, restaurants with national and European cuisine.

The well-groomed territory of the resort and a stunning view of the lake from the window of each room, a varied selection of leisure activities will help you feel the beauty and energy of relaxation in Issyk-Kul at any time of the year.

In winter, it is frosty crystal air, the sparkling sun. Seeing the awakening of nature on the coast in the spring is truly the best inspirational therapy in our fast-paced, hectic reality of life. Summer gives you gentle warmth, in the bosoms of unique nature, and the clear waters of the azure coast play in the sun and beckon to enjoy swimming in the purest, slightly brackish water of Lake Issyk-Kul. Autumn surprises with bright colors, delights with the contrast of red-orange leaves, blue smooth surface of the blue sky, snow-capped mountains.

In our hotel we have the following trees Spruce, pine, thuja, birch, acacia, rowan, snowberry, willow, linden, lilac, chestnut, poplar and many other trees and shrubs.

Nature, service, comfortable accommodation and active entertainment will make your vacation enjoyable and full of unforgettable impressions all year round.