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Clay court

Area - 700 sq. m.

Court tennis is not only an interesting sport, but also a good way to cultivate positive qualities in yourself or in your child - strong character, endurance, attention, memory and logic. Tennis develops speed, coordination, endurance, strength and reaction, and with its dynamic game, rules, etiquette, disciplines and actively develops in a person his physical, psychological, moral and volitional qualities.

On our courts you can play tennis, work with a coach and hold competitions. The court is equipped with a tribune for the fans and is located in the open air next to the beach.

To cover the courts, mixtures of clay, sand, and crushed bricks were used. Clay courts are considered the slowest, with the highest ball bounce. Accordingly, the pace of play on them is the slowest, with long draws.

The visit to tenni court is free for guests staying at the hotel.


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